What does my registration entitle me to?
With your registration you are entitled to access to the race which includes:
*Competitor kit
*Transfers from the airports of Mexicali or Hermosillo (included for 75K and 5oK, with recovery cost for 25K and 10K) Transfers to the starting point and the finish line to Puerto Peñasco. Consult schedules and conditions, through the WhatsApp button.
*Camping: tent, bathrooms and services and food (for the Ultra Trail modality)
*Medical services
*Competitor insurance
*Pass through the properties where the race takes place
*Medal (in case of being a finalist)

How can I get to Puerto Peñasco?
To get to Puerto Peñasco there are many options. You can arrive by plane from Tijuana on Calafia Airlines. Or, by land from Mexicali or Hermosillo.
If you are coming from far away you can fly to Mexicali, which is a very well connected airport with the rest of the country, and from the airport take a bus that takes about 3hr.
Buses from Mexicali: abc.com.mx/home
Buses from Hermosillo: albatrosautobuses.com
Flight from Tijuana, calafiaairlines.com

What is the weather like in October in Puerto Peñasco?
For the date of the race we will find very pleasant weather with maximum temperatures around 29 to 30 degrees Celsius.

But remember that solar radiation in the desert is usually very high and although in October we are in the average levels of radiation in this area we must take this into account to prepare our equipment well and make sure we hydrate well.

On the dates of the race we will have sunrise around 6:40 am and sunset around 17:50 hr
If you are going to run the Ultra Trail remember to include in your Drop bag a light coat preferably windproof to spend the afternoon and evening at the camp.

When and where will the kit delivery take place?
The delivery of kits will take place in Puerto Peñasco on Friday, October 21 from 12:00 to 21:00 hr. We will announce the exact location of the delivery well in advance on our social networks.

What will be the camp logistics?
The camping area for the Ultra Trail and Mega Deesert Run competitors will be located between the fishermen's camp and San Jorge Beach in Estero la Pinta. No one who is not a competitor or event staff will be allowed to enter the camp, so it is very important that you have everything you will need in your Drop Bag, which you will hand in at the kit check. Remember that your Drop Bag cannot exceed 55 x 40 x 25 cm.

In the camp you will find a tent area, where the necessary tents will be installed to accommodate all competitors at the rate of 2 competitors per tent. The tents will be assigned by the organization and you will know which is your tent from the delivery of kits.
You will also find an area of toilets and showers. We ask you to be very conscious about water rationing, remember that we are in the desert and every liter counts.
We will also have a dining area. Three meals will be served (lunch, dinner on the 14th and breakfast on the 15th) at previously established times. Remember that if you suffer from allergies or need special food, please inform the organization at contacto@sabinocreaciones.com indicating your full name and attaching your registration form.
Finally, you will find a social area where you will enjoy amenities and you can share your experience with other participants.

What equipment should I bring?
In the description of each modality you can find the regulatory equipment. But we make the following recommendations:
-Do not skimp on weight. Although in the race you will find enough supply points, consider that any setback that may stop your march, either an injury or help to another competitor, may cause you to spend more time than normal in a certain stretch between supplies. That is why you should be prepared to be as self-sufficient as possible.
-It is advisable to wear gaiters to minimize the entry of sand into the shoe.
-Sun hats, hats or buffs with UV protection. The less skin surface you have exposed to the sun, the lower the probability of skin lesions.
-Eyebrow tweezers, we recommend carrying small tweezers to be able to extract thorns.

Where will the start for the Beach & Desert Run and Beach Fun Run be?
The start and finish for both categories, as well as Day 2 of the Ultra Trail, will be near the Estero La Pinta fishermen's camp. We will publish how to get there and where the parking lots will be set up well in advance.

If I am from outside and do not have a vehicle, how can I get to the starting point?
There will be a shuttle service to and from the start/finish area with prices and departure point that will be announced on our social networks.

How many resupply points will I find?
-On day 1 of the Ultra Trail you will find 5 resupply points. One every 10 km approx.
-On day 2 and Desert Run you will have 4 resupply points. One every 6 km.
-For Fun Run you will have 2 resupply points.

Can I receive external assistance at any point of the race?
No, no point of the race is accessible to people outside the organization. If you are traveling with your family, invite them to meet you at the finish line.

If I don't finish day 1, can I start day 2?
Yes, but you must pass a medical examination. Either you didn't finish because of a time cut or you had to abandon due to injury. The medical team of the race must evaluate you and decide if it is possible for you to continue in the next stage.

If I did not finish day 1 and I was able to start day 2, can I aspire to the stage prize?
No, you would be running with an advantage over the rest of the participants.

Is it safe to travel to Puerto Peñasco? Puerto Peñasco is probably one of the safest travel destinations in Mexico. Prior to COVID-19, 2.5 million people visited the coastal town (mostly from Arizona), and today, as the impact of CVID-19 subsides, visitors are returning to near previous occupancy.
If you are coming from the USA it is recommended to enter Puerto Peñasco through the Lukeville/Sonoyta port of entry. You will only drive into Mexico for 65 miles and the road is in good condition. Remember to be aware of the speed limit, especially in the town of Sonoyta and the city of Puerto Peñasco.
Night driving is not recommended due to possible danger on the road. We recommend driving during the day and using the Lukeville/Sonoyta border crossing. The piece of highway past the border to Puerto Peñasco has been designated as a "safe corridor" since 2016.

Do you need to buy extra car insurance when traveling to Puerto Peñasco? -Yes (by Mexican law), be sure to purchase Mexican auto insurance before crossing the border or just online (there are a number of companies that offer this service). Expect to pay around $US 100.00 for 4 days of coverage (depending on the value of the vehicle). Liability is required; full coverage is recommended.

What traffic regulations do I have to follow when driving in Mexico? - Be sure to check the speed limits, especially in the town of Sonoyta and the city of Puerto Peñasco. The speed limit in Mexico is in kilometers, not miles, and you will be cited if you exceed these limits. Roads are generally in good condition. Follow the traffic rules; keep an eye out for stop signs, which are sometimes difficult to spot.

How far is it to drive to Puerto Peñasco? - From San Diego - 320 miles, from Los Angeles - 420 miles, from Yuma - 180 miles, from Las Vegas - 464 miles, from Phoenix - 212 miles, from Tucson - 214 miles, from Albuquerque - 624 miles, from St. George, Utah - 584 miles.

Can you drive a rental car in Puerto Peñasco? - Yes, as long as the rental company allows it. There may be an additional surcharge for car rentals traveling to Mexico. There is no Uber service in town and cabs can be expensive.

What are the border crossing hours? - The border is currently open daily from 6AM to 8PM. Expect excessively long lines going into Mexico on Fridays and returning to the U.S. on Sundays or vacations and vacations.

What to expect when crossing the border into Mexico? - Once you drive across the border there is a red light/green light border inspection system for Mexico. Approximately 70% of the time you will receive a green light and will be able to continue into Mexico without any questioning or customs checks. In the event you receive a red light, simply pull into a free parking space for a routine entry inspection by a Mexican customs officer. They will ask about your visit and may also inspect your belongings.
Customs agents may also ask you questions such as;
Do you have more than $10,000 with you?
Do you have any weapons or ammunition? It is illegal to bring firearms or ammunition into Mexico, you will be arrested if they are found in the vehicle you are driving or in your possession.
You may be asked other standard procedural questions (do not be nervous or act suspicious. Be yourself and answer the questions honestly. They will instruct you on how to proceed). Although rarely requested, you may be asked for the following documentation:
Title or registration verifying ownership of your vehicle as well as any rolled over units, travel trucks, recreational vehicles, etc. In the case of leased, rented or company-assigned vehicles, you must obtain a letter from the current owner authorizing you to bring your vehicle into Mexico.
Pet vaccination card if you are bringing your pet with you.

Can I use my cell phone in Puerto Peñasco? - Yes, Verizon, Spring, TMobile and AT&T.