Camp for competitors

An unforgettable starlight rest

The camping area for the Ultra Trail competitors will be located between the fishermen's camp and Playa San Jorge at Estero la Pinta.


  • No one who is not a competitor or event staff may enter the camp, so it is very important that you have everything you will need in your Drop Bag, which you will hand in at the kit check.
  • Remember that your Drop Bag cannot exceed 55 x 40 x 25 cm.
  • In the camp you will find a tent area, where the necessary tents will be set up to accommodate all competitors at a rate of 2 competitors per tent. 
  • The tents will be assigned by the organisation and you will know which is your tent from the delivery of the kits. 
  • You will also find a toilet and shower area. We ask you to be very conscious about water rationing, remember that we are in the desert and every litre counts.
  • We will also have a dining area. Where three meals will be served (lunch, dinner on the 14th and breakfast on the 15th) at previously established times.
  • Remember that if you suffer from allergies or need special food, please inform the organisation at indicating your full name and attaching your registration form. 
  • Finally, you will find a social area where you can enjoy amenities and share your experience with the rest of the participants.